About Krystol


Krystol Wade is a dynamic and versatile musician who brings a wealth of experience and a warm, positive presence to her students.

Currently residing in Nashville, Krystol has continued to immerse herself in a vibrant creative community. From co-writing and producing with other artists, to frequenting concerts and even leading a college student small group focused on creativity, she has continued to deepen her love and dedication to her passion. This dedication translates to her teaching, where she is constantly improving her skillset and inspiring her students to experience the thrill of musical collaboration and creativity.

Throughout her musical journey, Krystol has thrived in collaborative settings, and has a deep appreciation for the power music has to bring people together. Her welcoming personality and diverse performance background – including playing in multiple bands and settings, as well as her electronic pop solo project – make her a well-rounded artist and teacher. Her solo project has allowed her to refine her production skills and bring a unique and innovative approach to her work.

Growing up in a small town in Missouri, Krystol discovered her love of music through piano lessons and was nurtured by her creatively supportive community. Her interest in writing music began in high school and inspired her to dig deeper into music. She honed her craft while studying at Greenville University, where she fell in love with composing, songwriting, and music theory, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition.